Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Interesting day ..........for some reason drivers in London were getting on my nerves and to compound to it got a ticket that knew would be cancelled so wonder why they bother.

Found out company is in serious trouble and we need to find a rescue plan that make us survive in the short term. This will make for some serious use of NLP techniques to get folk working  together.

Asked an interesting question today and was surprised by the answer

Question : A bunch of roses or dinner?
Answer : A bunch of roses!!!!!!!

Ok my logic as a male .......

Roses look and smell as good when you go to bed as when you wake up in the morning and they will last for at least a week so serve as a pleasant reminder.

Dinner is over in a few hours and not a guaranteed success therefore their choice of Roses.

Her logic was similar to mine and this ended me stating that dinner was out the question then?

any way off to Bath tomorrow and have my camera all charges because if the light is right the stone can produce some stunning colours and architecture. 

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